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Design Challenge

I love snowboarding and wanted to capture the best footage from a day in the mountains. However, after challenging the limits of my ability, I eventually wipe out, knocking my Go Pro off angle. I decided to create a smartwatch app which enables the user to quickly check what they’re shooting and change the angle without having to pull out a phone or guess.

Design Process

  1. Get firsthand experience of the problem
  2. Sketch out ideas and iterate on the design
  3. Write down the experience from start to finish
  4. Work out if the step is an animation or user event
  5. Move to Sketch
  6. Move to Framer and follow your written plan
  7. Test on device (if possible)
  8. Solicit feedback from community and friends


If you have any feedback or ways to improve this prototype, I’d be happy to chat through any of the social channels below.

This project is also on Dribbble