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Design Challenge

Framer has been my go-to tool for interactive prototypes, however, sometimes it takes a crazy amount of code to put together an experience consisting of just a few components. My solution was to create a modular JS carousel component which could be easily reused across different projects and customized with a few variables.

Design Process

  1. Think of a component you often use
  2. Write out what the component should do (Pseudocode if you prefer)
  3. Write your component straight into Framer (it’s much faster this way)
  4. Once your code is working, move it to a .js file and place inside your module folder
  5. In the empty Framer file import the module and test
  6. Test on device and tweak the code if necessary
  7. Solicit feedback from community and friends


If you have any feedback or ways to improve this prototype, I’d be happy to chat through any of the social channels below.

This project is also on Dribbble