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Design Challenge

I sometimes find the Quora app quite useful for looking up specific questions. I noticed both the header/footer nav were always present and reduced screen real estate when quickly browsing long pages. My solution was to prototype a retractable header/footer nav when an on scroll event is detected. Once the user finds something of interest and stops the page scroll, the header/footer nav reappear.

Design Process

  1. Pick an app you like and want to improve
  2. Sketch out ideas and iterate on the design
  3. Take screenshots and recreate what you need in Sketch
  4. Write down the experience from start to finish
  5. Work out if the step is an animation or user event
  6. Move to Framer and follow your written plan
  7. Test on device (you need to get firsthand experience of your design)
  8. Solicit feedback from community and friends

This project is also on Dribbble