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To design and develop a single page experience with unique branding to attract app developers and other potential clients. The site must showcase a variety of illustrations and communicate key features and clear service flow.


For this project, I started working with a new project leader (a crazy but very nice guy). We sat down and discussed the site’s value proposition and map out key aspects:

  1. what the site is
  2. who is the user
  3. how will the site be used

We narrowed down our blueprint and created a consensus — the visual impact and creativity of the site would be pivotal in engaging with our main user group – the game developer. Our primary KPI was to drive inquiries and business leads.

Design process


Most of the site assets were already in our possession, so I decided to quickly mark up some mood boards and get an overall sense of direction. The project leader has some ideas and we bounced these around and came up with two distinct designs. We tested our wireframe prototypes and moved forward with two viable designs for a high fidelity mock.

Design iteration


I leveraged Gulp with Zurb’s Foundation framework and implemented the sticky nav component to achieve maximum exposure for the header on first view. I exported custom icons from Sketch and used Icomoon to read these in with CSS.


Move out of your comfort zone and experiment. On this occasion, my initial minimal, clean design was not what the project lead and our target user could relate to.


The site is no longer hosted.