Hero image


To design and code a new landing page for Metaps which introduces a business model to monetize robot development. The site must be able to communicate the company’s vision through an easy-to-understand narrative.


Robot monetization was an off-tangent business for Metaps, and blue-sky thinking was required to move the project forward. A Stakeholder map and some basic storyboarding identified use-case scenarios and how the product could relate to different user groups.

Design process


The stakeholder map revealed a connection between Metaps and the developer in much the same way the app monetization business model works. Using the storyboard, I sketched out ideas which incorporated the same narrative and then iterated on these designs to solicit feedback. Luckily we had a cool robot in the office which became a pivotal character for telling our story.


The site utilized Zurb’s Foundation and to enrich the UX the hero image scaled on page scroll with a slight parallax effect. See the demo below.

mobile image


Content is king. The site is slightly vague and would benefit from having a service workflow diagram.